Eurostal Sp. z o.o. supplies agricultural trailers for our regular customer. These products are mainly made of Hardox steel, which allows to reduce the thickness of the material reducing the weight of the body and at the same time maintaining the strength and abrasion resistance of the manufactured trailer. We also make spare parts for […]

Housing construction

Our offer is also addressed to companies in the field of housing construction. Our knowledge and experience allowed us to carry out investments in the production of balcony railings and inside cages, system fences and other elements of small residential architecture. We also specialize in the manufacture of steel elements for fireplace inserts.

Industrial constructions

Construction, power, industrial steel structures are one of the core activities of Eurostal Ltd. We deal with the entire process of their creation: from the moment of preparation of documentation, execution of individual details, through welding, assembly and execution of anti-corrosion protection. We also deliver steel structures to the construction/investment site indicated by the customer, […]

Elements of the storage and warehousing system

We are experienced in manufacturing components for the baggage handling and sorting system used at airports, as well as steel components for loading docks, car lift components and garage equipment.


We offer cooperative services, primarily in the field of laser cutting of sheet metal, bending, rolling, drilling, milling and turning of steel parts. Machinery park

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a frequently used process for cutting a wide variety of materials. The high precision, speed and versatility of the laser are great advantages of using the laser cutting process. We are currently working on an LVD Impuls 3020 laser cutting machine with the following parameters: max. sheet size: 3 x 2 m […]

Press brake

The procedure of sheet bending technology consists of applying a force to the plane aimed at changing the shape, resulting in a permanent change in the curvature of the bent element without significantly changing the thickness of the sheet itself. We perform sheet bending services on a CNC 3 HAP30160 DURMA hydraulic press brake with […]


We have roller coiling machines that allow us to perform versatile operations for rolling sheet metal, characterized by reliability, stability and ease of operation. The machines allow sheet metal to be rolled into circles and gutters, as well as forming cones. At present, we mainly work on a 4 roll coiler type HSM- 4 3100/15-18 […]


We weld various grades of steel in accordance with the ISO 3834-2:2021 system.

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